Talent Management

Talent\tal.ent\ˈta-lənt Definition

A special often athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude. General intelligence or mental power – the natural endowments of a person. A person of talent or a group of persons of talent in a field or activity. A unit of value equal to the value of a talent of gold or silver.


A person who controls the activities, business dealings, and other aspects of the career of an entertainer, athlete, group of musicians, etc.

One of the main attributes of talent management has a lot to do with vision. You have to see what may become, way before it’ happens. The ability to clearly see talent that you want to invest time and energy into is an art. You must be able to gauge potential, predict characteristics and implement a plan that will resonate with the talent and their mission. Once you put an actual value of your time per hour you can pre-calculate the cost of your vision and assess with your future client with a real value of the sacrifice that will be necessary by both parties to achieve success. I hold a heavy heart for this particular part of my life journey. The passion behind investing in people comes with a lot of emotional decision making and if you are not careful could be a costly relationship. A strict plan or teaming up with someone that has the experience to help you with that plan is vital to winning and preserving personal capital.

A Note From Mr. Lacey – My story started with the management of the artists that came with being a Record Label Owner since 2000 of Dynasty Records based in Las Vegas & Atlanta. Mirroring roles as an executive doing early deals with Southern Music Distribution, Universal, Interscope, and Columbia records. I signed & invested in X1 (Queen’s rapper that grew up in the studio with 50 Cent and was on the 1st Onyx video called ‘React” with 50 Cent and the rap group Onyx) This story turned out tragic as X1 allegedly killed himself while living with ex wife and mother of his son Angel Brinks of Basketball Wives and Angel Brinks Fashion. Dynasty Records main artist is Mishon Ratliff who released a single called “Just A Kiss” with Streamline(Vincent Herbert/Lady Gaga) and Interscope Records(Jimmy Iovine) and Turn It Up ft. Roscoe Dash (an international hit that still plays today even though the label never promoted it). Me and my business partner Demitreus Henderson ended up mutually agreeing with Interscope Records that is was time to move on. For Mishon, we decided to move to Atlanta to enter into the belly of the R&B industry. Connecting with Kevin Shekspere Briggs (Bills, Bills, Bills & No Scrubs), Jermaine Dupri and Brian Michael Cox were all important parts of the development of R&B sensation Mishon. Those relationships and the resulting high quality music along with Top Entertainment lawyer Omara Harris was instrumental in solidifying our new deal with Columbia Records. Mishon worked on an incredible body of work Executive produced by Jermaine Dupri with features from Tyga, Sage The Gemini & B. Cox but was never released by Sony/Columbia Records. Mishon continues to create great music. Listen to Up In The Air on all platforms. Mishon also has a street single available now called ‘No Chaser’ Distributed through Priority Records and an international Hit called ‘Fire’ a German collaboration with 341 Records, Brazilian superstar Rio Santana and C. Minxs our newest talent investment that is sure to make some waves. C. Minxs is a West Coast Crenshaw District representative with a smooth LL Cool J type of street soldier appeal. He has a real knack for the ladies.