Sociologist ˌsōsēˈäləjəst Definition

An expert in or student of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. In addition to earning a bachelor’s degree from the university of Hawaii at Manoa. Mr. Lacey’s whole life has been a sociological observation. Growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles between Baldwin Hills and Crenshaw District, Mr. Lacey was exposed to many adverse situations and watched society influence many decisions both good and bad, positive and negative. Having the ability assess all situations and make quick decisions on the fly was the beginning of honing his vision.

“Having the ability to think outside the box and seek other opportunities was the power behind my passion to grow and to constantly improve life and situations. Post college days created additional mind blowing sociological anthropology. My upbringing allowed me to understand all situations, from the streets to the corporate world.”

Mr. Lacey plans on writing a Sociology text book for the University level. His anthropological views come from experience and is eager to deliver the information so future assessments of people and situations can be more accurately diagnosed.