Los Angeles-born sociologist (Univ. Of Hawaii), athlete, innovator, business owner, creative marketing specialist, Gerald Lacey II is on a lifelong mission of creating opportunities, bridging inner city and international gaps, and developing products that not only improve life, but also fill the needs of society. With providing innovative solutions at the forefront of Gerald’s entrepreneurial spirit, he uses his expertise in business, fashion design/manufacturing and technology to transition into building and restructuring global infrastructures. His collaborative endeavors include such companies as Dash Media (DASH Box), Visionary Private Equity, Above and Beyond Sanitization Inc., GoVisionaryGo.com and LBA Global Consulting that focus on new technology, financial independence, the future of clean, motivation and renewable energy.

Spending the last ten years in the technology industry building solution-based platforms, Gerald decided to master digital marketing, which gave him the opportunity to sit at the angel investor table for several startups. Gerald’s main goal is to be able to give back to inner city kids and show them, through hard work and dedication, that all visions can come to fruition. His motto is “Success Is Our Only Option,” and he aims to inspire visionaries from all walks of life to dream big and go for it!!

Gerald’s passion for building infrastructure and giving back sparked the creation of Visionary Private Equity, a company designed to empower visionaries to achieve limitless success through solid investment structures, properly taxed and untaxed life insurance, and safe havens for limited-loss capital opportunities. Visionary Private Equity further enables Gerald to mentor and motivate individuals that seek financial independence.

In 2018, Gerald Lacey II published a book called The Visionary: A Collaboration of Visionary Insights. The release of the superbly motivational work – derived from the ups and downs of his personal visionary path – spearheaded his ability to reach millions of self-help and motivational information seekers. Mr. Lacey began his high-frequency private business and motivational courses and has helped countless entrepreneurs create new successes over and over again. Teaching, motivating, training and invigorating fellow visionaries from within has proven to be Gerald’s true passion and a huge part of his purpose in life.

Additionally, Mr. Lacey has been influential in building, managing and creating brands in the fashion industry. Rich Taste Collection (an ultra-premium lifestyle brand), Aloha Clothing Company, Sheiki Jeans and the multi-brand clothing store Stash Collections. Through his store design and marketing efforts, Stash became a highly ranked multi-line boutique with stores in Arizona and on the Las Vegas Strip area (Caesar’s Forum Shops and Fashion Show Mall). At these locations, Gerald continuously broke retail records – not only on Opening Day, but throughout the first three months of operation, as well. Mr. Lacey also owned garment production factories, hailing accounts from BeBe, Silver Dagger, ProjectE, Laguna Beach and many more national and international brands. Housed in a 13,000 square foot facility, his experience in staff and deadline management allowed him to produce more than 100,000 unit orders and employ over 100 individuals.

Expertise, Inspiration, Motivation, Humility and Tenacity are words that best describe the fire burning inside the soul of Gerald Lacey II. His commitment to teamwork and accountability puts him in prime position to aid his team in infinite success on all ventures.